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WhatsApp: How to take a screenshot of an entire conversation

Although it is constantly adding functionality, WhatsApp does not include a tool for something we almost all do: share chats with other people or groups. The problem, of course, is when the conversation is too long and we need multiple screenshots to be able to show the entire chat. But there are some solutions.

To get the full chat screenshots, we’ll have to Use some external apps. The alternative is, from WhatsApp Web on the computer, to use an extension called “GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture” in Chrome.

The first step is Install the extension. So you have to go to the page GoFull Page – Full Page Screenshot And click “Add to Chrome”. First, we will have to accept its installation and then click on the puzzle piece – Extensions – in the upper right corner of Chrome. To fix it, we will have to click on the bed bugs icon.

to start using it Click on the camera icon and we will start capturing Kind of a pacman.

Full screenshot, Chrome extension. (Photo: Capture TN Tecno).

The last step is also almost automatic: The tool opens a new tab with full capture. There are different options: you can save as PDF, JGP or PNG. You can also crop the photo if you capture things that we are not interested in.

To capture a WhatsApp conversation, all we have to do is Go to the chat in question, find it in the magnifying glass, go to the part of the conversation we want to capture and click al ícono de GoFullPage – Full page screenshot.

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Why should you search for that chat? Because if we don’t, the extension will try to capture all the chats to the left of WhatsApp Web and not just the chat from which we want to get a single image.

LongScreenshot, the app for Android devices

You can also from your cell phone Take long screenshots of conversations with an app. “LongScreenshot provides an easy way to take a lot of screen time. All you have to do is swipe the screen, then a long image is generated,” the tool developers say on the official website.

to start with you Go to the App Store for Android devices and search for “LongScreenshot”. Once downloaded, when opened, it will ask us for storage permissions to access the phone’s multimedia content, which is a necessary step to use it. At this point, it will be up to each user to give the software that consent.

By allowing the application to work as required, you have to enter it and touch the “+” button that appears at the bottom.

LongScreenShot, the app for taking long screenshots on Android (screenshot: TN Tecno)

Then, in the lower right section of the screen, we will see (not only in WhatsApp) a pink circular button with “On”. When you touch it, it will start some kind of recording of what appears on the screen. That’s why you have to move by sliding your finger towards the section you want to capture. Finally, touch this button again, in this case with the “Off” box.

LongScreenShot button, the app for taking long screenshots on Android (screenshot: TN Tecno)

The large image will be stored in the app, where you can see all the snapshots with the option to share it via various means (mail, email, etc.). as we said, It not only works with WhatsApp but for any app It is also very useful in browsers shots vast. The result is usually a long image format shot, much longer than a “traditional” shot.