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Whatsapp with new web component.  improves security

Whatsapp with new web component. improves security

Whatsapp online version has become more secure. That’s thanks to the new Code Verify plugin. The beta has spanned the web since last year, and the full version is now available on Chrome and Edge.

Whatsapp is undoubtedly one of the most popular messengers in the world. Even with reports of potentially dangerous features, users do not want to switch to other inventions like Telegram or Signal. Today we learned that the browser version of Whatsapp will benefit from the security plugin Code Verify.

Whatsapp with new plugin for web version. Thanks to Code Verify and the collaboration with Cloudflare, this will increase your security.

The source code for Code Verify is also available on GitHub. Meta hopes that by opening access to the code, it will encourage others to take advantage of the security features that this plugin provides. The full version can now be downloaded for Chrome and Edge, but we won’t find a valid version for Firefox or Safari, even though the first version is “on the way”. The meta ensures that the browser plugin is unable to read our messages, and they don’t end up in Cloudflare. Experts will probably not fail to verify this by analyzing the source code available on Github.

How it works? Code validation is nothing more than a comparison of a hash of code running in your browser with a hash stored by a third-party company Cloudflare. The scan is performed automatically and the end user will be notified if there are any problems. It works on the principle of traffic lights. Green means everything is OK, orange means you may need to refresh the page and re-check, and red means there is a problem. this is the way? you will use?

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