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When Nagui gets on the nerves of a candidate for “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”

Nagy will not respect my candidates.” Don’t forget the words »? On Wednesdays anyway, Juliet’s system hit well.

While the young woman interpreted the title “This is bothering me” to Helmut Fritz, the host was particularly horrifying, unable to help but list all the little things that bother me on a daily basis. ” I arrived and someone in a double queue was stopping you from passing, and it annoyed me
“,” We just got a new hairstyle, we go out and it’s raining, it’s bothering me “,” You want to buy new low-waisted jeans, you were told no, high-waisted fashion, it annoys me
‘ It fell like a chatterbox, even as Juliet tried to sing.

Then I interrupted him with This is unbearable
before adding This pisses me off
In reference to the address she had to defend.

Spirit of excitement, Nagui has not stopped in her tracks. Then singer and musician Magali Ripoll stepped in until he finally moved. ” You really make us angry I joked.. or not?

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