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White House confirms: Biden will run in 2024

– Yes, that is his intention, Press Secretary Jen Psaki answers a direct question about the plans for re-election of the President according to modes.

The topic has been the subject of heated speculation in Washington, DC in recent days. The Washington Post recently reported that the president told his immediate constituency that he aims to be re-elected in 2024.

This is causing a stir for several reasons: Biden is the country’s oldest president to date, turning 79 years old last Saturday. He has also seen his public support decline in recent months, a development that has been attributed to the economic situation, the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the pandemic.

Right now, about 41 percent of Americans think Biden is doing a good job, while just over 53 percent have the opposite opinion, according to The Independent. Real clear policy Compilation. This means that Biden’s popularity is now on the same level as President Donald Trump when he resigned.

In the United States, there is also a debate that Biden will be the one paving the way for the country’s first female president, since his vice president is Kamala Harris. However, Harris is also facing a decline in the number of opinions, with 40 percent having a favorable image of her.

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