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Will Michael Wendler’s opponent Timo Berger move to the jungle camp in RTL?

Is Timo Berger going to jungle camp? RTL has yet to confirm the rumor – but if it’s true, musician Michael Wendler shouldn’t have liked it at all. Because Timo Berger is a former close friend to whom the Schlager star owes a lot of money and could have a lot more to tell.

If you’re as polarized as Schlager star Michael Wendler (49) has been doing for years, it’s no wonder if you’re not just making friends over time. But the 49-year-old has at least as many critics as fans in public, and some in his immediate environment have now turned against him.

So did Timo Berger, a former confidant and ex-travel organizer. The musician owes him €29,500, the costs of the big wedding with his wife, Laura Muller, 21, in Las Vegas, which never materialized.

Is Michael Wendler’s ex-boyfriend moving to RTL jungle camp?

It seems Timo Berger of all people should now move to the jungle camp. She wants it Bild newspaper I tested. The series’ main announcer is RTL, the announcer who made Michael Wendler great for the first time with so many shows – but since his annoying departure from DSDS, he no longer wants to have anything to do with it.

Timo Berger and RTL collaborating as one is unimaginable. And that would certainly be somewhat unpleasant for a musician who had fallen, if only his opponent had not had nice things to say about him.

Berger does not want to make a statement about the rumours

At the request of FOCUS Online, the TV presenter did not want to comment on the rumors. An RTL spokesperson announced, “We will announce the participants for the Jungle Show in due course. As usual, we will not comment on speculation until then.”

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When asked by FOCUS Online, Timo Berger also replied that he didn’t have to make a statement. That’s why he let his Instagram story speak for itself. Here he asks his followers what they think of the rumors. An obvious answer: 70% think he’s moving into the woods.

According to “Bild,” Timo Berger isn’t the only former confidant of Wendler who has allegedly been asked about the woods. His ex-manager Marcus Crump is said to have been in a conversation but has been called off. Who are we really going to see on the show at the end? That’s still exciting at the moment!

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Financial confusion about Michael Wendler: what roles do ex-wife and daughter play.

It won’t be quiet around the Norberg-Wendler-Clan. Now Claudia Norberg’s mother is speaking. It concerns embezzlement, criminal charges and money smuggled by previous creditors. However, the active pensioner knows nothing of any such thing.

Oliver Bucher is known for his loose mouth. This is exactly why he’s been a part of RTL’s moderate cast for years. Even with “5 gegen Jauch” he couldn’t back down and row as much.