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Will the two-time world champion not play in the World Cup?  "A Little Magic of Di Maria" [WIDEO] Pica Nona

Will the two-time world champion not play in the World Cup? “A Little Magic of Di Maria” [WIDEO] Pica Nona

For Uruguay, it was a very important meeting because he was in sixth place before this match, which did not give him any chances. Games Qualifiers for the World Cup in the South American regional table in Qatar. Argentina, on the other hand, already hopes to continue their winning streak without losing 25 matches. The audience started without Leo Messi in the starting lineup. The PSG player has been complaining about injury in recent weeks.

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“This is Legia Warsaw’s dream coach.

Germany reacts. “Removed by Poland. Triple Shock”

The game was better for Argentina, who scored in the seventh minute. Young Uruguay left-back Joaquin Bigures lost the ball to Paulo Diepala on the edge of the penalty area as he went to Angela de Maria, who fired a magnificent shot through the window of a Fernando Musler defending goal. It was only in the last 14 minutes that Leo Messi appeared on the pitch following Giovanni Lo Celso, but As a result Meetings have not changed. “He had little influence on the team,” the PSG star commented on ESPN’s short performance.

De Maria’s goal gave Argentina a modest victory. “We know how hard it is to play here”

This is the 26th consecutive game without defeat for Argentina. “Argentina started without Lionel Messi, but the magic of Angela de Maria was enough to win against Uruguay,” ESPN wrote. “Sometimes you have to win, we did it,” said Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni.

“They put pressure on us, they have experienced players, but we are lucky to keep our series unbeaten and get three points,” admitted Argentine defender Nicolas Ottamendi. He added: – We know how difficult it is to play here.

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The goal action of Argentina can be seen from 1:07 minutes below.

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Will Uruguay not play in the World Cup? Bad representation situation in deletion table

The situation in Uruguay after this defeat was very complicated. The two-time World Cup winner in 1930 and 1950 is now in sixth place, having not qualified for promotion to the World Cup in Qatar with just 16 points. Argentina, on the other hand, are second in the table with 6 points ahead of Brazil, who have already advanced somewhat to the World Cup. In the next series, Uruguay will play the most important overseas game against Bolivia, while Argentina will face unbeaten Brazil.

Group Table l. World Cup in the Conmepol Zone:

  1. Brazil 34 points, 12 games
  2. Argentina – 28, 12
  3. Ecuador – 20, 13
  4. Chile – 16, 13
  5. Colombia – 16, 13
  6. Uruguay – 16, 13
  7. Peru – 14, 13
  8. Paraguay – 12, 13
  9. Bolivia – 12, 13
  10. Venezuela – 7, 13

We remind you that the top four teams from the table will advance directly to the World Cup in Qatar, with the fifth team playing another team in the Continental play-offs from another elimination zone, and the winner will qualify. World Cup.