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WinAmp is back with a new image and seems to conflict with Spotify – FayerWayer

Those of us who were present at the beginning of the internet and digital music editing outside of physical formats have certainly heard of WinAmp. In fact, it is likely in this context that I would describe most of them have used it.

We are talking about the legendary digital music player in MP3 format that has managed to become popular on the web thanks to its high level of customization and equalization functions. The same that allowed to give decent sound to a music file that in its original form sounded like it came from AM radio.

However, with the development of technology and the launch of legal, simple and accessible music platforms flow Like Spotify, this player inevitably ended up dying years ago.

In 2018, he was promised a comeback, and since then not much has been known about the matter, until now we have a new image of his logo.

WinAmp may return as a streaming service

Out of nowhere and without warning Official Website WinAmp has been updated, revealing the new look of the show and dropping some additional details about what its return will bring.

Details to be explicit are not many, but some elements in the description texts seem to indicate that the player could also become a streaming platform for composers and artists:

“Something very big is going on. We are developing Winamp for the next generation. Not only has it been updated, it has been completely redesigned. The new Winamp connects you to your music wherever you are. It brings you closer to the artists you love. It is the home of your favorite music, podcasts and radio stations. You have.

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For artists and audio creators, our goal is to give them control over their own content. We will help you connect more closely with your fans and earn a fairer income doing what you love.”

from XDA Developers It is rightly believed that WinAmp’s resurrection can aim to form a publishing platform for artists of all levels, with a particular focus on the very unpopular.

But all this is speculation now. The original Winamp media player was in development from 1997 to 2013, and version 5.666.3516 was the last released for a long time.

An unfinished version, 5.8, was leaked in October 2018. From there, outrage erupted among fans over his possible comeback.

Since then, Radionomy, owner of Winamp, has talked about his comeback. And now the project seems to be getting more formal.