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Windows 11 error update: Microsoft confirms problem reports

Microsoft is currently collecting reports that Windows 11 computers fail to update to recently released cumulative updates or preview builds. This is said to be a common problem, so the group is now investigating the cause.

that reports that Latest issues of online magazines. According to user reports, the installation failed with error 0xc1900101. Then the system automatically reverts to the previous update/build without describing anything specific about the cause of the problem. The error message itself is not meaningful. According to Microsoft, the error code “0xC1900101” is due to a general regression. It usually indicates an incompatible driver, but no more is said.

However, according to Windows Latest, there are other error codes that are displayed which are also unhelpful. There have been a large number of reports about this since the end of March Microsoft Answers Forum. Windows 11 error messages do not provide any details about the cause. Some users speculate that the error is due to compatibility issues between certain apps and Windows 11, or a bug in one of the updates released for the operating system.

Microsoft confirms 0xc1900101

Microsoft has confirmed that it is aware of the new error message and is actively monitoring the reports. However, there is currently neither a solution nor a workaround: “Thank you for the time to report this – Error code 0xc1900101 is a generic error that appears when the update fails and is rolled back for some reason. This is an area we are close to monitoring and can have a variety of The reasons are depending on the build you’re trying to upgrade to and how you set it up,” Microsoft wrote.

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