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Wisła fans set fire to…their stadium. Terrifying scenes during the Krakow derby and chilling photos

Author: CyfraSport
Wisła Kraków fans set fire to their stadium

Polish sports fans are accustomed to the fact that some events carry an extra flavor. Emotions are sure to ignite Malopolska’s entire capital during the Krakow derby. During the rivalry between Wisla and Krakow, it was really dangerous! But this time, the White Star fans outdid themselves. When competitors’ scarves burned, the situation got a little out of hand. See photos from the Krakow Derby.

There are situations that people cannot think of. Not everyone understands the great love for their clubs, let alone the hostility towards the team of opponents. Things heat up in Krakow when Wisla and Krakow face each other on the pitch. It was the same this time! At Remont Stadium, “Piazza Guaizda” won with a 0-0 goal scored by Yeboah, but the atmosphere was very tense, especially in the stands. It was very dangerous at one point. Wisła Kraków fans decided to burn the scarves of the hostile team. Suddenly the situation got out of control.

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It started out very inconspicuously, but quickly became dangerous! Fans of Wisła Kraków tried to deal with the spread of fire themselves, but did not do so well. This has of course become a breeding ground for netizens who have shared weird pictures on the web. Most importantly, nothing happened to anyone. At some point, some fans may find themselves in really big danger!

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Krakow Derby. Wiswa won 1-0

At first, the match was even, but in the third minute “Bassi” managed to take the lead. After throwing the ball out of the car, Philip Peszek fired a shot to the head, and Mikowaj Bijanski showed an effective intervention. Wissoa also tried to attack, but they had major problems with passing accuracy in the last stage of the work. Over time, the advantage of Krakow was increasing, and Kamel Pestka did not take advantage of the good opportunity, who finished the movement from the left flank, hit a powerful shot defended by Begansky. The young Wisła goalkeeper demonstrated his competence by showing off a stunning display, when he rebounded the ball towards the crossbar, on the “head” of Piszczek.

Krakow derby for Wisła! Yao Yeboah was the White Star Champion in the Krakow match

Before the break, Wisła had one chance to take the lead. Mateusz Moisky showed off a clever trick at the end of the line, straight across for Clement’s head. But Lucas Hruso was not surprised. Wisla started the second half better and in the 53rd minute they managed to control the Krakow defense. Michal Skvarka passed under the finish line and Yao Yeboah sent the ball into the net with a shot from about ten metres.

The hosts dominated for a few more minutes. Nice but missed a shot from Clement. Then the Wisła players withdrew and defended their mediocre leadership. Krakow attacked with passion, but without tact. The players of Michaeus Properes, for whom this derby was his tenth as a coach, sent many throws into the penalty area, but could not find an opportunity to score goals. Long shots were taken by Biegański. The last minutes were very tense and chaotic. Wiswa maintained the lead until the end and after the final whistle, she can celebrate victory with her fans.

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