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With Daniel Foles: The new series takes a look behind the scenes of the dating show

Attention, seriesNot real“get with”Twilight Illumination – Alles nur Show?“The German competition! For more than four seasons, the American drama production has shown in a fictional way what can happen behind the scenes on dating shows like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. A new German format now wants to tell a similar story — and appears with a national star. Former flower distributor Daniel Falls, 36, also plays a role in “After Glow.”

But what is the new look of the brand? A press release states that the fictional story in “Twilight” begins the moment the cameras roll on the reality TV dating show and the nominees meet for the first time in real life. Lots of drama pre-programmed. Since everything has to be told with a twinkle in the eye, the audience also expects a lot of laughter. Starts December 21 every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:15 p.m. on Amazon Prime Video, Patreon, and OnlyFans.

In leadership roles? The current Adam is looking for Eva candidate Anna Juliana Jenner (33) and Daniel Falls. A 2018 Bachelor previously this time is the winner of the play format that I The role of Juliana was decided for him. Another lady from the world of roses is trying to be an actress: Pamela Gill Mata, who in 2015 received the last rose from Oliver Sunny (35), plays the secret girlfriend of the winner of the dating show. Also part of the cast are TikTok-Star Julie White, The actors Lisa Coopers (22), Maximilian Ravelt And Chris Boom, Topmodel-Kandidatin from former Germany Abiba Makoya Bakayoko Plus the family’s YouTube Laila Maria Witt.

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Anna Juliana Jenner as Juna in “Twilight – Is It All Just a Show?”
Daniel Foles, television actor

Instagram / pamelita_mata

Pamela Gil Mata im September 2019
Rio Fabio Ingwanta, Abeba Makoya Bakayoko and Maximilian Ravelt in “After Glow”
Web star and actress Lisa Coopers
Actor Chris Bohm

Instagram / chris.boom.official

Actor Chris Bohm
Awareness on social networking sites Laila Maria Witt

Instagram / @lailamariawitt

Awareness on social networking sites Laila Maria Witt