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With siletteros from Medellín, Encanto was launched in Italy


Colombians are only a few days away from seeing their first country-themed Disney animated movie in theaters. As November 24, the date set for the film’s premiere on national soil, approaches, The Minister of Culture in the Medellin Mayor’s Office spoke about the way in which the people of the city were invited by the Colombian embassy in Milan, Italy, to participate in the decoration of the launch of the feature film in that European country.. Alvaro Narváez, who is responsible for this entity, gave more details in this regard.

On his Twitter account, the secretary expressed the feelings he felt when he learned that, in addition to the subject of the film, the traditions and characteristics of the country, such as flowers, still dominate the world. We received an invitation from the Colombian Embassy in Milan, Italy, to participate in the launch of the film Encanto. We continue to share with the world the love of our traditions. Today we have siletteros from Santa Elena part of Encanto. Our family members traveled to Milan, Barcelona and Bogota to be part of the Encanto launch party full of flowers and colors,” the official wrote in the post that he attached a video to.


In the video, posted on the YouTube channel of the Secretariat, and repeated on the Narváez Twitter account, Francisco Quintero is seen, the second-place winner in the Professional category from the Silleteros Parade 2021, has packed his suitcase and said goodbye to his family on a long trip to Italy. Quintero was heard saying, “We were invited to participate in the decoration of the event or the release of ‘Encanto,’ which shows all we culturally have as Colombians, and closing this suitcase is a dream come true.”

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In the same clip, which lasted about two minutes, the secretary sent a message of support and pride to the silleteros. “Let them know that as an institution we are here to take care of them, to accompany them in whatever they need, the whole country is there and it is a unique opportunity because it is the launch of something very special that has not been done before in Colombia”said the secretary. The siletteros, in addition to demonstrating their talents in Italy, will also tour the European continent. It will be Spain’s role next Thursday.

“Overwhelming rhythms and enchanting atmosphere. Thanks to architectural mapping, the colorful Casita Madrigal has arrived in Italy! “Can you believe what your eyes see? La Casita Madrigal appeared on the facade of a building in Milan. The magic of “Enchantment” will also come true tonight and tomorrow from 7:00 pm on November 24 in the cinema “, It was read in the last trills.

As shown, the facade of the building shows how some of the animations from the movie are shown and citizens are invited to watch the movie. “Encanto” tells the story of the Madrigal family, a Colombian family with a special allure: each of its members is blessed with a gift. Mirabel, the heroine of the story, voiced by Colombian singer Olga Lucia Vives, is the only one who has not had the same fate as her relatives.

“Encanto” with the participation of Maria Cecilia Botero (Grandmother Alma); Mauro Castillo (Felix); Angie Cepeda (Julieta); Carolina Gaitan (PEPA); Maluma (Mariano) and Alejandro Riano (Bruno). In the same way, his music has the voices of Carlos Vives and Sebastian Yatra. Directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard. Co-directed by Charice Castro Smith and produced by Yvette Merino and Clark Spencer. The scriptwriters were Bush and Castro Smith.

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