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World Nations Association.  France is better than Spain in the final

World Nations Association. France is better than Spain in the final

In the first game of these teams since March 2013, there were practically no goals for more than an hour. The game was fought at breakneck speed and players on both sides could not be blamed for the lack of commitment, but the teams focused primarily on picking up the ball and preventing it from reaching their own goal.

All Emotions Accumulated in the last two quarters. In the 64th minute after a series of action Theo Hernandez, Who scored his first goal for France in the semi-final against Belgium, was close to his second close, but after his close shot, the ball bounced off the crossbar.

As soon as the shot was over, the Spaniards launched a counter-attack. Sergio Busquets He recently played vertically for the successful Real Sociedad striker Michael O’ReillyIt managed Diodem UpamekanoWho replaced the injured before the break Rapela Varane’a, And scored the goalkeeper Hugo Lorisa Sharp angle shot.

From the front “Red” She enjoyed less than two minutes. In the corner of the penalty area with the ball, the leader was seen in the ranking of Spanish top league scores Kareem BenzemaThe one who throws an accurate shot at the opposite goal post Unaya Simona.

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In the 80th minute Hernandez Sent a vertical application Kyliana MbabaneWho used the situation alone Simon I France Was leading 2: 1.

In the end Share It moved from one gate to another. They had opportunities Wiresball I எம்பப்பேBut in both cases the goalkeepers performed better – Loris I Simon. In one of the last steps of the match the French defended a strong blow Yermiago Pino.

For the hundredth time on the French national team, he appeared on Sunday Antoine Griezmann. He is the ninth player to play in three-digit number of matches for this national team. Most of the time in the national team jersey “Tricolor” With Lillian chase – 142. The team selector is also on the list Didier Deschamps – 103.

Greissman Especially not standing alone in attack. Although he is a nominal striker, he is often seen on the pitch … a defensive midfielder.

In the previous Sunday’s match for third place, the Italian champions defeated the world ranking leader in Turin. FIFA Belgium 2: 1.

In the match The final fourHeld this year by Italy, the top-ranked teams of the top teams in the division participated World Nations Association. It competed, PolandIt had to recognize the superiority of Italy and the Netherlands in its group, but avoided degeneration. Bosnia and Herzegovina came last.

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In the first edition L.N. Two years ago, Portugal beat the Netherlands 1-0.

France – Spain 2: 1 (0: 0)
Goals: For France – Karim Benzema (66), Kylian Mbabane (80); To Spain – Michael Oyersball (64)
Yellow Cards: Spain – Aymerich Laporte; France – Paul Pogba, Jules County, Kylian Mbabane
Judge: Anthony Taylor (Anglia)
Spain: Unai Simon – Caesar Asbiliquetta, Aymeric Laporte, Eric Garcia, Marcos Alonso – Kavi (75. Coke), Sergio Busquets, Rodrigo (84. Pablo Fornells) – Ferran Torres (84. Mikel Merino), 61. , Michael Oyersball
France: Hugo Loris – Benjamin Powert (79th Leo Dupois), Jules County, Rafael Varane (43rd Theodore Upmegano), Brasnell Kimbebe, Theo Hernandez – Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann (90 + 2nd Jordan Jordan)