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Xbox Series X |  S has new features - but the PS5 doesn't

Xbox Series X | S has new features – but the PS5 doesn’t

Chipset manufacturer AMD has introduced interesting new features to Microsoft’s current console flagship in Game Stack Live. We have summed up exactly what it is all about.

Xbox Series X | S: AMD FidelityFX is comprehensive

On Virtual Games Developers Conference Game Stack Live, held annually by Microsoft, is now called FidelityFX Technology Gifts. Technology already in use on PC has now also made the leap to Microsoft Series X | consoles S and its RDNA-2 architecture. It The same architecture, Which is also used in AMD Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards.

FidelityFX and Beyond

This AMD technology is an open-source suite of visual elements designed to make it easy for developers to implement high-quality mods and effects in games for developers.

Basically, you can imagine FidelityFX as a developed suite of many graphic effects and optimizations. Idea: Increase game performance or graphic quality by using different effect units. These include the so-called “Variable shadingWhere the accuracy of the calculations varies in different areas of the image, or alsoAmbient occlusionRealistic shading of the game environment in a short presentation time.

This group aims to simplify the development of titles across platforms. As part of prof Game development kit, Also called GDK, there must be access to many areas of influence initially. Game developers will have access to the effects of “FidelityFX Contrast,” “Adaptive Sharpening”, “Variable Shading”, and Ray Traced Shadow Remover.

Still, AMD’s DLSS alternative is still long standing. The feature will be called “Super Resolution” and should be introduced this year, but other than that the information has been scant so far.

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You can see which games have already been used FidelityFX in this trailer:

DirectX is also receiving an update

Microsoft also published new information about the DirectX interface at the trade fair. The new software development kit, or SDK for short, goes by the name DirectX 12 Agility It will bring new features like Microsoft’s HLSL Shader Model 6.6. Here too, Microsoft is working closely with AMD, so that this update already receives full support from the chip manufacturer.

Since Playstation 5 is also based on AMD architecture, it’s likely only a matter of time before we see FidelityFX technology on Sony’s console as well.

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