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Redmi K50 Ultra

Xiaomi Redmi K50 Ultra is already sure. It looks so good

The first presentation of the Xioami Redmi K50 Ultra is approaching. It looks like it’s going to be a really good phone.

Xiaomi has a fairly specific policy regarding its brands. The company does not allow them to become too independent and at the same time inconsistently approaches their rating. While Black Shark has a clear gaming profile, it looks different with the others. Poco and Redmi were slated to be the cheapest, but that’s also debatable.

Redmi K50 Ultra will be great, let it come to us. It doesn’t matter what the name is

Redmi was supposed to be cheaper than Xiaomi, but you can also find really interesting devices here. Then they often appear in other parts of the world officially as Poco or Xiaomi. We have written before that the Poco F4 GT is the Redmi K50 for gamers.

The Redmi K50 series already consists of three devices. However, three more phone calls will soon follow. These will be Redmi K50S, Redmi K50S Pro and Redmi K50 Ultra.

Thanks to the well-known leak specialist at Digital Chat Station, we get to know some of the specifications of the latter. It promises to be really strong. we will see no Snapdragon 8 first generationbut this Plus version. However, the screen will refresh 120 Hz. The smartphone should appear in the next six months.

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Text source: Jizzina, Italian