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Yes drummer Alan White dies

Drummer Alan White, who had worked with John Lennon’s Plastic Ono and had been part of the British progressive rock band Yes since 1972, has passed away.

The Briton died of a short illness at the age of 72 at his home in Seattle, Washington.

A native of Belton, County Durham, Alan White joined Yes in 1972 to replace Bill Bruford who decided to play for King Crimson.

The drummer made his first recording with the double album Tales from topographic oceans. Then he was present in all the composition albums until the last composition, searchIt was launched in October 2021.

Back pain has slowed him down since 2016. Yes he had a guest drummer, and White participated in some songs on stage.

We learned a few days ago that he will not be able to participate in the fiftiesH Album Anniversary close to the edge, which kicks off June 15, in Glasgow, UK, due to health concerns. Yesterday members indicated Thursday that the 14-show series will be dedicated to Alan White.

Alan White beats the drums for the singles imagine and others Karma moment by John Lennon. He is present on eight of the ten tracks on the album. imagine From the former Beatles.

He has also accompanied several artists on records including George Harrison, Joe Cocker, Air Force Formation Ginger Baker, and The Ventures.

Alan White was also part of Circa with guitarist Billy Sherwood, keyboardist Tony Kay and guitarist Jimmy Hawn. He has a solo business. restricted ram launched in 1976.

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