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Your face is familiar 15: Saomir in a completely new role.  He turned out to be an important judge! [GALERIA] - Super Express

Your face is familiar 15: Saomir in a completely new role. He turned out to be an important judge! [GALERIA] – Super Express

Author: Facebook @ Your face looks familiar
Your face looks familiar. New Juror – Sawomir

Stunning changes to the “Looks Like Your Face” show! While the project is in full swing, there are some changes in the arbitration system. Małgorzata Walewska is missing from Friday’s episode of “Your Face”. In the absence of Valevska, Saomir took his place. How did the successful creator of “Miłość w Zakopanem” cope with the new task? Surprisingly good.

Psychic-Jaina has become David Kyatkovsky! The singer greeted her at the sight

Domek Tsikorovsky started the show and played the role of Bartek Pexa, a member of the After Party band. He sang “Don’t give up on life”. He immediately started a good party with his performance. – A fat start to the party. Very fat start to this episode! Great respect, it was so good Chrome said. – This moment really impressed me, how you felt about it, this Patrick entered you, you were taken away. I thank you for this moment. Excellent reproduced voice, you are beautiful too, the fifth is ours! Congratulations to you – Saomir was surprised.

This time Paulina Sigud-Jaina played the role of a man. On stage, he sang David Kyatkovsky’s song “Without You”. A big surprise for Paulina is the combination of Chromey’s video with David! The singer congratulated the show. – Paulina, I want to congratulate you for this tremendous work you have done, I saw her in you. The work of your body, how you portrayed David, how you became a man fascinated me. I really liked your voice because it was like David and was really consistent and I didn’t even hear Paulina for a moment Saomir said. – Paulina, good for you – Added Michał Wiśniewski.

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The snake of 15 guards you know on your face …

“Your face looks accustomed” on the stage of the Sting and Lady Gaga show

Then Robert Janowski brilliantly played the role of Sting. His performance in “Desert Rose” introduced everyone to the completely magical world of the Orient. But not only thanks to him … he was with Mikey Rudok who participated in the sixth edition of “The Habit of Sounding on Your Face”. This pair on stage is the perfect combination that audiences will remember for a long time! Robert and Mike received praise not only from the jury but also from the studio audience. – Ladies and gentlemen, we know that these moments will have millions of views – Said Pyotr Kosovsky. – I cried Chrome added. – I’m happy! That’s not fair to say, but for me it’s an evening show – Said Mike Wonievsky. – Robert, it was beautiful, touching, sexy and magical. And you had a very difficult task – Praised by Katharjina Screeneka.

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Actor Adam Zdrójkowski played Cortez and sang “I wish I was with you”. It got romantic and depressing on stage. – This is your best performance. It was simply brilliant – Fainted Mike Vonievsky said. – This was a very difficult task because for the Cortes artists, the voice was very important to them. His tenderness, sensitivity, and you were able to control yourself, were able to hide your expression. You impressed me so much and I really appreciate what you did – Saomir said.

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Fifth participant is Clara Williams. Starred in the controversial role of actress Lady Gaga. It was a very difficult task in terms of voice and dance. But Clara handled it right! – Here is what happened! Flip that upside down! That was great! In order for you to live on this platform, I have been waiting for you like that. This dance and these dances and all this had to be practiced for a long time! Chrome was surprised. – Your dynamics, your nails, your whole acting performance – Delicious – Katargina Screeneka added. – Clara, which has a stronger effect than the red pigment in cherry hair. Congratulations to you – Slavomir made fun of.

Kukovsky’s son once again disguised himself as a woman

Chris Kukowski became a woman for the second time. This time he sang Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (Don’t Kill You)”. This performance put everyone in a great mood! – You sang beautifully in Falseto. Your female performance today was fantastic, not a parody and two classes more than Rita Ora’s performance – Said Katargina Screeneka.

Pacquiao, who participated in the 14th edition of Casio Saska, sang the success of the duet with Coral. They performed together with Pink & Nate Rousseau’s song “Give Me a Reason”. What a performance it was! It was beautiful, romantic, sweet! So much music! – Visually, you are beautiful and the voice is one to one! Sung wonderfully. There were weights! Really! In every detail, every sound, every expression, every facial expression, as I watch a clip – Kathargina Screeneka with interest. – After all, you can sing with dark timbre. Better awareness of your workshop, better voice and you can feel and hear it. For me, the emotions you expressed were even more important, I felt them, I felt your love. The moment you sang together, I think we were all thrilled here. These are the moments we have been waiting for on this show – Saomir said.

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The eighth participant was Fascia Kurtez-Satan, who confronted the legend, the king of soul music and blues – Ray Charles. She sang the song “I can’t stop loving you” and she did it right! She introduced us to the situation of smoking Alabama clubs. – Ray Charles is an artist who combines the music of heaven or soul with the music of the devil – the blues. Who can do it better than Fascia Kurtez-Satan? You found yourself a beautiful voice – and suffocating and bottomless. It was great. You have rocked us with your song – Saomir praised.

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Your face is familiar 15. Chapter 4. Who won?

This chapter was won by Gazia Saska, and a check for PLN 10,000 was presented to Dominic Vodjiaski from the Sonosco Foundation.

The table of results after the first chapter looks like this:

  1. Cassia Saska
  2. Robert Janowski
  3. Adam Zdrójkowski
  4. Paulina Psychut – Blackberry
  5. Pasia Kurtez – Satan
  6. Domek Sikorovsky
  7. Clara Williams
  8. Chris Kukowski


Who should win this edition?