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Zagilonia biacystock – Lech Bosnas. End and summary of the 9th round match of the Extraclass

In the match between Zagelonia Biastok and Lech Bosnac, only one team wanted to play football – the team led by Mess Scoria. Ireneusz Mamrot’s accusations, mainly focused on survival, and they were successful in this art. In fact, success may be greater than they originally planned.

Total inactivity

Somehow, the first half ended without a goal. Ishaq, Ba Lua, Amaral … almost every attacker of Coljors had a situation where he could open the end of the meeting. For example, the best use of Ququesquiri is not used by the aforementioned Pa Lua. Adding a leg seemed like enough, but even though he stood face to face with the goalkeeper, it wasn’t that easy.

Jacellonia, on the other hand, made the first move 35 minutes later and it was close to taking the lead. The centers of the brigill are not unusual, but Chernich’s shot. The Lithuanian, with the target on his back, decided to surprise his opponents and hit his heels. If he had done it right, no one would have been able to defend it, but eventually rolled out of that post.

Imas took advantage of the defender’s mistake

In the second half, though the Coljores still dominated, the hosts were a bit brave. Nevertheless, the first convenient opportunity to score was Jacoelonia, i.e. Imas. In an incomprehensible way, he wasted it and made a strange technical mistake – he could have gone alone with Petnarek, but instead of accepting the ball, he shook it with the tip of his shoe and kicked it off the field.

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In the 71st minute, another opportunity created by Spaniard was not wasted … the opponent’s defender. Solomon seemed to be able to tap a long pass easily, but made a mistake. He threw the ball so it fell at Imas’ feet, and he scored 1-0. Despite strenuous efforts (such as the situation in Marchwiszki), the inhabitants of Bosnoy could not cope with it, so they returned home empty-handed.

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