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ZAKSA continues its phenomenal line. AZS can’t do without a coach

ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle is by far the strongest team in PlusLiga this season. Until Friday, the Polish runner-up was the undisputed leader of the standings, winning all eleven league matches.

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ZAKSA is the best again. AZS did what they could, but it wasn’t enough

On Friday, ZAKSA AZS Olsztyn debuted on its trading floor. The guests lost their coach, Marco Bonita, shortly before the match. As the club announced in an official statement, the Italian terminated the contract with the club by mutual agreement. And according to unofficial media reports, it was supposed that it was caused by a conflict with the players.

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And led the team in Friday’s match current assistant Marcin Mirzewski. Olsztyn performed very well and repeatedly surprised their favorite opponents. The first group was particularly even, with the guests ultimately losing by only two points.

Later, it was only worse and with each point Zaxa took the lead more and more. The hosts won the second group with 20, and the third group with 16. And the duo of Kamil Semenyuk – Alexander Alyuka was especially good in the team of Georgi Creto. In the AZS team, the main problem was adoption, as it was only 28 percent effective in their case.

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ZAKSA scored its 12th win in a row on Friday and tops the PlusLiga table with 34 points on its account. On the other hand, AZS has maintained its fifth position so far, but may actually lose it on Monday. Then, right behind them, Aluron will face CMC Warta Skra Bełchatów.