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A body has been found – believed to be the missing 16-year-old

A body has been found – believed to be the missing 16-year-old

16-year-old Kelly Rodney was on August 6 at a party in Truckee, California.

Her mother, Lindsey Rodney Neiman, received a text message from her daughter who wrote that she would be leaving the party soon and going straight home.

– I wrote to her that she should be careful and that I loved her. She replied, “Well mom, I love you too.” Lindsey Rodney Neiman told ABC News that she never came home.

We just found Kelly Rodney.

After two weeks of intense searching for Kelly Rodney, a body has now been found.

A group of divers calling themselves Adventures and Aims on Sunday claimed to have found Kelly Rodney dead in a lake near her home.

“We just found Kelly Rodney,” the group signed. Facebook.

Divers at Adventures With Purpose, which says it has resolved 23 missing cases since 2019, began searching the lake on Saturday. The breakthrough came when the sonar showed something major that “shouldn’t be there,” according to diver Josh Canto.

– A divers went down to the bottom and was able to identify a vehicle, says Josh Canto New York Post.

Divers found the body in a car that was overturned on the bottom of the lake at a depth of about four meters.

“We have confirmed that Kelly is in the car,” the group that reported to the police wrote.

However, Placer County Police have not confirmed the information that Kelly Rodney has been found. A press conference will be held on Monday NBC Bay Area.

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