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A Danish museum is searching for the owner of a 60-year-old wallet

A Danish museum is searching for the owner of a 60-year-old wallet

Contents of the wallet belonging to Inge or Ingelise

Photo: Natural History Museum Aarhus/Facebook

Contents of a wallet

Photo: Natural History Museum Aarhus/Facebook

It is the Danish Natural History Museum in Aarhus, Denmark that issued the unusual request.

They wrote in a Facebook post how two wallets from the 1960s were found in the museum.

The wallets were found hidden in an air shaft in connection with a toilet renovation.

According to the post, there was no money in the wallets, but they did contain a large amount of personal photos and notes – some of which appeared to have been burned.

Ancient wallets have been found here.

Photo: Natural History Museum Aarhus/Facebook

One of the owners has been found, today the 77-year-old Stinne Tram was delighted – but surprised by the discovery.

– This is incredibly fun. I have to admit that I haven't thought about that bag in fifty years, but every now and then I remember that it was a complete crisis. I had to get a new driver's license, and after that I didn't have much money, she told TV2 Østjylland. The daily newspaper.

-It's very interesting to look back. She added: I had a picture of my little sister and my boyfriend at the time in my wallet.

The museum writes in an update to the post that Stinne Tram explained to them that she lost her wallet due to studying for an exam at the museum.

Furthermore, they write how she and her friend received free entry to exhibitions in connection with the wallet collection and that they would like to hear more about the mystery.

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The owner of the second wallet has not yet been found, but according to the identity information in the wallet, he is a person named Inge Nielsen or Ingelise Brögger Nielsen, who was born in 1947.

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