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A distinctive tree was cut down in Sycamore Gap in the United Kingdom.

A distinctive tree was cut down in Sycamore Gap in the United Kingdom.

The tree stood perfectly in a depression between two hills near the Roman Wall (Hadrian’s Wall) in northern England. But it has now backed down, causing angry headlines in the UK.

The tree has become famous, among other things, from the 1991 film “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” with Kevin Costner in the lead role, and was voted “Tree of the Year” in England in 2016. The tree, which is several hundred years old, appears to be… It was sawed on Thursday night with the help of a chainsaw.

“Shocking news”

The tree was in a national park in Northumberland and the park wrote in a statement that it “can confirm that unfortunately, the iconic tree at Sycamore Gap was felled during the night.”

The statement continued: “We are working with the authorities and parties that have interests in this famous landmark in the northeast of the country and will release more information when we know more.”

On Thursday afternoon, police arrested a 16-year-old boy on suspicion of committing the crime. According to police, the boy is cooperating in the investigation, but the damage has already been done, TT reports.

“People have scattered their ashes here.”

According to nearby local residents, the loss of the tree is significant.

“Very shocking news this morning, the tree is no longer there. Apparently some reckless idiot cut it down during the night. What in the world are people thinking?’ writes local pub the Crown Inn in Humshaugh on social media.

According to the pub, thousands of tourists usually come there every year to see the tree.

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Jamie Driscoll is the Mayor of North Tyne, the borough in which Hexham is located. He speaks Watchman He is trying to control his anger at the vandalism.

– People have had their ashes scattered here. Suggest here. I personally had a picnic with my family here. It is part of our collective spirit.

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