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A Finnish company has sold drones to Russia for more than two million euros

Customs suspects two Finnish companies in more than 30 cases of exporting or attempting to export goods whose export is prohibited due to sanctions imposed on Russia.

These products include microcontrollers and semiconductor components worth a total of 600,000 euros, which are suspected to have ended up in Russia, Customs said in a press release.

In addition, customs suspect that 3,500 drones sold by Finnish companies and allowed to be exported to other countries ended up in Russia. The value of the drones is more than two million euros.

The same criminal network also includes the export of equipment classified as defense equipment. This is equipment to stop drones. A special permit is required to export this type of goods, but the company has not applied for it. Equipment worth more than 350,000 euros is suspected to have ended up in Russia.

Operations controlled by Russia

The two companies investigated by Customs have the same person in charge, and Customs suspects that one company purchased the goods while the other took care of them on the Russian side.

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