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A lost walrus stopped the New Year’s fireworks

A lost walrus stopped the New Year’s fireworks

The coastal town of Scarborough in the North East of England was enriched last Friday evening with celebrity visits. walrus bull; Earlier in December, the sea creature was spotted off Hampshire, which is located at the southern tip of the country.

Many British media assume that Thor, an arctic walrus, has taken a short break in its long swim north – hence the wild visit.

Thor can get nervous

A resting walrus has become something of a tourist attraction with an unknown end date in Scarborough and the crowds in the harbor were large, according to The Guardian.

Meanwhile, animal experts have warned that Thor may be nervous about the sudden resurrection. Moreover, they were worried about how he would handle the lightning and thunder of the New Year’s fireworks.

– We understand that it is interesting and strange that a walrus has taken up temporary residence here. However, it is in his best interest to be left alone. So we want to remind you that it is a wild animal and advise you not to approach it, Geoff Edmund of the animal rights organization RSPCA tells Sky News.

They set off fireworks for the new year

The call was taken seriously at Scarborough Town Hall and on Saturday they issued the following message:

– We decided to postpone the evening fireworks display on advice due to a walrus falling into the harbour. The spokesperson told The Guardian that there are those who worry that fireworks will scare them away.

It’s disappointing, of course, but the welfare of walruses must be prioritized, Mayor Steve Siddons told the newspaper.

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