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A movie that shocks Brits – a whole party during a pandemic

A movie that shocks Brits – a whole party during a pandemic

The British Parliament will vote on Monday on whether former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson deliberately lied about sharing the pandemic that happened at 10 Downing Street. If Parliament votes yes, it could result in Johnson not having free access to Westminster Parliament House in London – something that normally applies to former British MPs, he writes. BBC.

Boris Johnson resigned as MP last week after an investigation by the committee found he had deliberately misled parliament about his knowledge of the “party gate”.

Johnson himself has always vehemently denied that he would have lied about the epidemiological sides and called the commission’s investigation a “show trial”.

Fun Christmas party

The poignant detail of the ‘Partygate’ story is the December 2020 footage of a Christmas party at the Conservative Party’s headquarters in London, published over the weekend by the British newspaper. woman.

In the film, two people are seen dancing merrily in front of a sign reading “Be Friendly and Keep Your Distance” before crashing into a buffet table. In the background, someone can also be heard saying, “As long as we don’t broadcast live, we’re breaking the rules…”.

The Christmas party, which was attended by at least 24 people, took place while Britons were living under very strict pandemic restrictions. Among other things, there was a ban on hanging out with people other than the honest family members on the inside.

The footage is also the first to appear publicly from pandemic parties allegedly hosted by several Tory members, according to Watchman.

Johnson: “Mock Trial”

The video sparked a huge outcry in the Conservative Party as well as among political opponents, including Angela Rayner, deputy leader of the Labor Party.

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She told the BBC: “They have openly ridiculed the rules that the British are bound by. And the Tories consider themselves above the rules that apply to everyone else.”

It remains unclear if – and if so how – the country’s current prime minister, Conservative Rishi Sunak, will vote. Labor leader Keir Starmer, who calls Johnson’s behavior “unacceptable”, is urging Sunak to take part in Monday’s election.

“If the prime minister wants to show leadership, he should vote in the parliamentary amendment this afternoon to show his position on this issue,” Starmer said. BBC Breakfast on Monday morning.