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A rat infestation infects Karumba in Queensland, Australia

City residents say that rats appeared a few weeks ago, and their numbers have increased since then. Pictures and videos posted on social media show what appear to be thousands of rats, both alive and dead, washed up on beaches and roads. They spread the stench in the city.

As the number of rats increased, they were forced to go out to sea because the mainland did not have enough food. At low tide, they emerge onto the sand banks, and when the water rises, they drown and are washed up on the beaches, he writes. New York Post.

The rodents cause a problem for local fishermen in the village when they try to take boats and can destroy fishing equipment.

Mice that Those who live off the land eat “whatever they can find,” according to city residents.

A man told AFP that rats destroyed his car after biting the wires in the hood. He now dumps food into large bins in hopes of trapping the mice.

-I found about 50 of them in the trash in recent days. He says: They’re everywhere… I heard them behind the refrigerator that night.

And also other parts Queensland has been battling rat infestations in recent months. The animals have, among other things, polluted the water and destroyed crops.

Unusually wet weather and abundant crops are said to be behind the sharp increase in the population, which thrives particularly well in humid climates close to food.

It seems difficult to stop the progress of mice. With Australia now heading into summer, with even wetter weather and lush crops, many fear rats will become more numerous.

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“We won’t see any relief in the near future,” Mayor Jack Bowden said. “We may just have to wait.” Letters of News.