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A scary artificial intelligence that can detect when you will die  News

A scary artificial intelligence that can detect when you will die News

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen and Northeastern University in the US have designed an AI tool that works as a chatbot, similar to Open AI’s popular Chat GPT.

The tool was trained on information from six million Danes, such as income, occupation, injuries and pregnancy history.

The model was trained on data from 2008 to 2016, and based on the information it predicted among people who died in 2020, with 78% certainty. daily Mail.

Six million Danes were trained

The model can also predict other aspects of life such as career success and how much money an individual will earn.

The huge amount of information has been divided into different categories. A broken forearm has one symbol, while working in a tobacco shop has another symbol. Everything is then used to compile the prediction.

The interesting thing is to consider a person’s life as a long series of events, similar to how a sentence in a language is made up of a series of words, one of the researchers behind the study, Sonny Lehman, tells Newswise.

The research presented in the journal Nature computational Science is consistent with previous studies on life expectancy. For example, people with higher incomes live longer.

To protect the privacy of people participating in the study, the chatbot is not available to the public. Sonny Lyman says the tool raises many ethical questions.

– It opens up positive and negative perspectives that are important. Sonny Lyman told Newswise that similar technology to predict life events and human behavior is already being used today by technology companies, for example to track our behavior on social media.

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