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A suspected spy in Norway trained in mixed threats

A suspected spy in Norway trained in mixed threats

The suspected spy was one of two employees of the Norwegian Arctic University who attended the conference in Vilnius on September 29-30, according to Norwegian reports. VG. It is organized by EU-hybnet, a project funded by the European Union.

The suspect can be seen in several photos from the conference, which were posted on social media.

The conference call states that participants will be trained to deal with simulated mixed threats in a realistic crisis situation. One of the training objectives was to find potential weaknesses that the enemy could exploit.

Practice finding weaknesses

Participants had to choose between four different scenarios. The suspect and his colleague chose a scenario in which an explosion in one of the gas lines, possibly as a result of sabotage, would interrupt the gas supply.

When the symposium was held, it had only been two days since leaks were discovered in Nord Stream pipelines. The last day to register for the seminar was September 19. You must have already chosen the scenario in which you want to participate.

Another participant from the university, Mark Lantegny, says the spy suspect did not take the initiative to choose the scenario for the gas line.

– We chose it because I thought it was interesting about an event that would happen between different states and about trust between them, he tells VG.

The suspect came to the university as a graduate from Brazil, but the Norwegian PST security service believes that he is in fact the so-called “sleeper agent” of Russia. The man’s defender, Thomas Hansen, told VG that his client is in shock and loss over the accusations against him.

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