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A top spy suspected of being a manager has applied for a job in a medical giant

About a week ago, I got locked up The two brothers are suspected of gross espionage. The older brother, who is in his forties, worked, among others, in the Security Police and the Armed Forces. DN previously revealed that he worked at KSIThe Office of the Special Group, the most secret part of the Swedish Secret Service.

This summer, the man reportedly applied for a job as chief of security, and went to an interview Pharmaceutical company Cytiva. reveal Aftonbladet Who received emails sent by the man from his work in a government agency. The American-owned company is, among other things, developing a vaccine against Covid-19, and has the largest plant and research unit in Uppsala.

– It’s a very delicate matter and that’s the cover on it. If I confirm something or deny something, I open a preliminary investigation secrecy as I see it. I can’t comment at all, says Chamber Prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist on DN’s question if they knew about the man’s request.

The company wrote in a file An advertisement for a job that service includes a “complex assignment with multiple stakeholders who depend on your support,” as well as a safety responsibility for the facility that handles hazardous materials. The man must have written in his application that he had a “solid foundation in operational work” and that he had “worked in the field with intelligence work, been an interrogation commander, acted with coercive action, and more.”

DN contacted Cytiva press officer Dodi Axelsson, who declined to comment on the information.

Sabo previously warned that the ongoing pandemic has exacerbated and created new vulnerabilities. inside Yearbook for the year 2020 “The pandemic has meant, among other things, that the security police need to focus their activities on completely new sectors that may be of interest to foreign powers, such as healthcare and biomedicine,” Sabo wrote.

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The man is suspected of spying for a foreign power for ten years, at the same time he was working for KSI and Säpo. He was arrested by the Security Police in September, when he was working for an authority responsible for security protection.

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