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A twelve-mile skyscraper planned in Saudi Arabia

A twelve-mile skyscraper planned in Saudi Arabia

There have been rumors about Saudi Arabia’s new mega-project The Line, which will cost the government upwards of $1,000 billion – which appears in documents seen by The Wall Street Journal.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman plans to build the world’s largest building by far. It revolves around a 500-meter-high skyscraper that stretches twelve miles along the Red Sea coast, starting at the Gulf of Aqaba along the mountain range and the desert. Bin Salman developed the project plan early last year.

Planning for six million people

The building was designed recently – it should represent something of a futuristic walled city with an open interior and an all-glossy facade. Construction has already begun and according to the project group, 1.5 million people will live on The Line as early as 2030.

The project group plans to be able to populate the skyscraper with a total of six million people according to the documents in the detailed plan.

This unconventional giant city is part of the ambitious development project of the Saudi leadership neomwhich released concept videos showing how the city’s tall walls, gardens and plant life will function, as well as how it will function and show the community embedded between work and leisure structures.

The skyscraper will be powered only by renewable energy and will prioritize people’s health and well-being, over transportation and infrastructure as in traditional cities, according to the NEOM development project.

Details on how to operate it in a completely eco-friendly manner have yet to be provided.

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The Crown Prince revealed the plans earlier this week

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman unveiled the new designs on Monday, According to CNN:

“The design unveiled today for the city’s vertically layered communities will challenge traditional flat, horizontal cities and create a model for nature conservation and the improvement of human living standards,” he said.

The group responsible for designing the twelve-mile-tall skyscraper claims that the building will maintain an ideal climate year-round, thanks to the combination of shade, sunlight, and ventilation.

The project received criticism from several quarters

The giant skyscraper has been heavily criticized and there are doubts about whether the project is ever technically feasible. Others interacted with NEOM’s launch video, describing the flashy project as miserable, rather than “improving the quality of human life” as bin Salman expressed in the reveal.

Nor was the public convinced by the concept of living among the giant walls in the middle of the Saudi desert. “I’ve never seen anything so miserable,” says one person in the comments section of the Saudi press. Twitter posts.

Someone else wrote in the comments section NEOM’s launch of the project on their site YouTube- kanal.

  • The width of the skyscraper should be 200 meters.
  • The line will extend 500 meters above sea level – higher than the Empire State Building.
  • Residents can run errands within a five-minute walk.
  • There should be no cars or roads in the city.
  • High-speed trains pass through the entire city in 20 minutes.
  • The city must run on 100% renewable energy.
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