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A wave of fish attacks hits Spanish vacationers

Updated 08:15 | Posted at 08:03

The anglerfish is a genus of small gray fish with a black dot on the caudal fin.

Experts say the September heat triggered a wave of fish attacks in Spain.

At least 15 tourists seek medical attention on the beaches of Alicante every day after falling victim to a starving relative.

– They are numerous and do not swim far from people, says marine researcher Alfonso Ramos.

Warm weather in September leads to a large number of fish attacks on vacationers in the Spanish resort of Benidorm.

More than 15 swimmers seek treatment on Alicante beaches every day after being bitten by redfish, a small gray fish with a black dot on the caudal fin associated with perch, he writes. daily Mail.

Sea urchins can be up to 30 cm long, and are said to be attracted to birthmarks, warts, or small wounds on the skin, especially in the elderly.

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The heat is the reason

According to the Spanish newspaper : Information Poniente Beach guests have been hit hard in recent days, and experts agree that the reason is the rising water temperatures.

The Mediterranean is warmer than usual, with temperatures ranging between 29 and 30 degrees, according to figures from the University of Alicante. It affects ecosystems.

Swimmers warning

According to Alfonso Ramos, a researcher at the Spanish Department of Marine Sciences, the heat increases the metabolism of fish and their need for food. This year they are closer to the shores than usual.

– This is a fish that is used to being fed. “Maybe they are more numerous and they don’t swim far from people, which is why they peck at the wounds,” Alfonso Ramos told Informacion.

It is advised not to swim in the sea with shiny jewelry, as it may attract other types of aggressive fish.

The beach in Alicante on the east coast of Spain