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A woman got lost in Australia – she lived on wine and snacks

The woman got lost in the Australian wilderness.

When she was found five days later, she had subsisted on wine and snacks.

– Thank God, the policewoman was smoking a cigarette, she told 9News Australia.

The family notified the police after the woman did not respond. The journey was only supposed to take one day, but the woman has been missing for five days, according to the BBC.

It turned out that she was driving the wrong way. When the error was discovered and the woman attempted to turn, the car got stuck in the mud.

A major search operation began in the state of Victoria on Friday in what police described as a “thickly wooded area” in the state of Victoria.

I just had wine and snacks

Since the woman was only planning a shorter trip, she only packed some snacks and sweets. There was also a bottle of wine in the car.

– The woman who does not drink herself had only a bottle of wine with her. Martin Torpey of Wodonga Police said she bought it as a gift for her mother, and helped her cope.

Having lost hope of ever being found, the woman wrote a letter to her family.

– I thought I was going to die there. My body was off Friday, the woman told 9News Australia, and I was giving up.

The woman disappeared into the dense jungles of South Australia.
The woman disappeared into the dense jungles of South Australia.

Found by the police plane

Five days later, a police trip was able to locate the woman. Next to her car, the woman can be seen standing and waving at the helicopter. A police car was directed at the woman and rescued.

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– The first thing I thought of was water and a cigarette. Thank God the policewoman was smoking a cigarette, the woman told 9News Australia.

Police say the woman was smart enough to stay by the car during the days she was missing.

– The car was also used to keep warm at night, says police officer Martin Torpey.

The woman was taken to hospital for observation and treatment for dehydration but has now returned to her hometown of Melbourne.