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About Alexander Sikora vacation plans.  Where and with whom will he spend his vacation?

About Alexander Sikora vacation plans. Where and with whom will he spend his vacation?

Alexander Sikora is currently one of the biggest stars of Polish television. He started his television career in “Question for Breakfast” in a duet with Monika Zamachowska, and since 2019 he has been co-hosting a show with Malgorzata Tomaszewska. The couple recently had a darshan She recalls her beginnings In front of the camera. In 2021, the journalist also became the co-host of the 12th edition of the program “The Voice of Poland”.

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Alexander Sikora rarely talks about his personal life online or in the media. However, in one of the last interviews, he returned to one of the most difficult moments in his life, which happened in his childhood, when his mother She was diagnosed with cancer. recently revealed that He lost his beloved grandmother. Gwiazdor is already dreaming of a vacation now that he has had several difficult months behind him. Where and with whom is he going to spend it?

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About Alexander Sikora vacation plans. Where and with whom will he spend his vacation?

Sikora recently posted on her Instagram profile He’ll also have a busy holiday season, as he’ll be performing concerts as part of a two-summer tour. Will he find some time for himself for the holidays?

The presenter noticed it in an interview with the portal Edukacja.tvp The type of work he does prevents him from planning many things:

I always have a proven plan that I try to stick to. No plan. My career requires a lot of flexibility. I can’t plan anything in advance. However, I would like to. Thanks to this, my life is more active and interesting. I am very spontaneous. This is my property and it has become a permanent item in my registry. In the circumstances of my life, action must be fast. In my spare time, I definitely go to the sun!

Will the star spend the holidays alone or with loved ones? Sikora had no doubts:

I’m not lonely. I always need company. I want to share the joy of life with people. I believe I have an extroverted personality. Relaxing with friends sounds like the perfect plan. Will try to do that this summer

What do you think about the presenter’s words?

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