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After the kiss: Health Secretary Matt Hancock resigns

The Sun newspaper on Friday published photos showing Hancock kissing his co-worker Gina Coladangelo. Both Hancock and Colangelo are married elsewhere.

The photos must have been taken at the Ministry of Health building on May 6, about two weeks before she was allowed to mix with people from other families. Under UK pandemic law, it has been illegal for two or more people from different households to mix with others within the home, with certain exceptions for charity or work.

Shortly after posting increased Hancock’s resignation requirements. Many remembered the inclement weather after Boris Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cumming went on a trip in May 2020, despite the fact that large parts of the country were then shut down.

Came on Saturday night Announcing the resignation of Matt Hancock. In a short video posted to Twitter, he explains why he made the decision:

I understand the enormous sacrifices made by every individual in this country. And we who developed these rules must also follow them. That is why I must resign.

Hancock says the government assignment was the glory of his life Written resignation letterAnd he is “very proud” of what he has accomplished.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who defended Hancock after publication, says the kiss was a private matter According to the BBC He was “sorry” to receive the resignation notice.

It was Hancock and Collangelo too Close friends since university and there are demands to investigate how she obtained public service in his ministry.