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Air traffic resumed at Kabul airport in Afghanistan

After twenty days with only evacuation flights in and out of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai International Airport reopened to traffic on Saturday when the first domestic flight took off for Mazar-i-Sharif in the northern part of the country.

In addition, it has transport aircraft With emergency assistance from Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Kabul Airport still suffers from severe problems and a significant shortage of technical personnel. Turkey, which promised to send personnel to Kabul, demanded that its personnel be protected by its own forces. Something the Taliban has refused to accept so far. However, employees from Qatar have arrived, an Afghan news agency writes ore Sunday.

Qatari technicians succeeded in installing a temporary wireless connection between air traffic control and the aircraft.

Khama also claims that they The airport was severely damaged by US forces, said to be equivalent to 2.5 billion Swedish kronor. He writes, the airport lacks, among other things, working radar and navigation systems Washington Post.

A gunman stands next to a plane at Kabul airport.

Photo: Wali Sabawaon/AP

Despite this, the Taliban believe that the airport will soon be able to operate at full capacity:

“Officially the airport is open and in recent days we have managed to repair more than we expected,” Mohamed Salem Saad, head of security at the airport, told the newspaper.

By now, all planes must take off in broad daylight.

Over the weekend, the fights were It continued in the state of Panjshir controlled by the resistance forces. A Taliban spokesman claimed, on Sunday, that they had taken control of all districts except for the central parts of the province, he wrote. Tolo News. Resistance forces reject information. However, there is no independent information from the region.

The situation remains difficult for the residents of Kabul and other cities. This is despite the fact that many private banks have reopened and it will be possible in principle to withdraw funds. On Sunday, the Afghan Khama News Agency wrote that the waiting lists are huge and the difficulties in obtaining liquidity are great. In addition, most ATMs are either broken or lacking in cash.

The Taliban gave everything they could Directing banks not to allow withdrawals in excess of the equivalent of 1,700 SEK per week.

Dissatisfaction among the population is described as great and a large number of people have traveled to Kabul from the surrounding rural areas to withdraw money.

The US State Department said Sunday that it is continuing to work to get US citizens who were unable to leave before US forces leave the country on August 31.

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