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Airlines have been banned from transporting migrants to Belarus

The Turkish Aviation Authority announced that it will no longer allow citizens of the three countries to buy airline tickets or board planes from Turkey to Belarus. Ban applies until further notice.

The authority refers to the problem of irregular movement of migrants from Belarus to the European Union.

For several months, immigrants have been The refugees moved to the capital, Minsk, and then moved to European Union countries such as Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Recently, the situation has become acute with several thousand men, women and children trapped in the autumn cold in the no-man’s-land between Poland and Belarus. Border guards prevented them from leaving the area. According to the Polish border guards, there are about 3,000 to 4,000 immigrants in the region.

The decision in Ankara affects all airlines operating in Belarus, including the state-owned Belarusian Airlines. The European Union has already concluded an agreement with Iraq that migrants will not be flown from there to Minsk.

It is believed that between 3,000 and 4,000 migrants were stranded at the Belarus-Poland border. The photo was taken from the side of the Belarusian border towards Poland.

Photo: Belarus Border Commission / TT

The European Union accuses dictator Alexander Lukashenko of orchestrating the wave of migrants as a means of destabilizing the European Union. The European Union describes it as a hybrid attack. The regime in Belarus denies the allegations, but also says it does not intend to help resolve the crisis until the European Union lifts its sanctions on the country. Sanctions were tightened after the regime’s attacks on opposition groups following the 2020 elections.

Lukashenko threatened to strangle Gas that goes to the European Union from Russia via a Belarus gas pipeline. The Kremlin’s message on Friday was that Lukashenko had not consulted on this and that Russia intended to complete its gas supplies to the European Union.

At the same time, political and military tensions are rising. The defense ministries of Russia and Belarus said they conducted exercises with paratrooper units just a few miles from the border with Poland. The Russian news agency reported that this was due to the military escalation in the region Interfax.

European Union foreign ministers are due to meet on Monday in Brussels and may then decide on further sanctions against Belarus.

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