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Były szef Centralnego Biura Antykorupcyjnego Paweł Wojtunik usłyszał zarzut wyłudzenia zwrotu podatku VAT. Grozi mu za to od 6 miesięcy do 8 lat pozbawienia wolności. "Te zarzuty są takiej jakości, jak i wysokość poręczenia" - ocenił Wojtunik w rozmowie z reporterem RMF FM Krzysztofem Zasadą. "Mam nadzieję, że doszło tutaj jedynie do pomyłki prokuratorskiej, a nie znowu do celowego nękania mnie i próby uwikłania w cokolwiek, zdezawuowania w jakikolwiek sposób" - dodał.

Allegations against the former head of the CBA. Vozdunik on RMF FM: I hope something went wrong

Pavel Vozdunik, former head of the Federal Anti-Corruption Bureau, has been accused of fraudulent VAT refunds. He faces up to 6 months to 8 years in prison. “These allegations are of the same standard as the level of guarantee,” said Wojtunik in an interview with RMF FM reporter Krzysztof Zasada. “I believe it was only the fault of a lawyer here, he did not deliberately harass me again and did not try to involve me in anything to deny me in any way” – he added.

Carol Blazerski, a spokeswoman for the regional attorney’s office in Lublin, said Vozdunik had heard the allegations during the investigation into the tax-free procedure.

During the trial, under the supervision of the Regional Attorney’s Office in Lublin, the tax on goods and services was unjustly withdrawn. Blazerski said. Notice of the underlying offense for initiation of proceedings was submitted by the Internal Investigation Office of the Ministry of Finance.

Investigators say the former head of the CBA misled customs and tax officials by claiming he was a non-permanent resident of EU territory and entitled to use the procedure for tax refund on goods and services.

According to the allegations, Paweł W. used this document related to tax-free practice in a document that fraudulently issued false notices from customs and tax authorities, and then declared that PLN was exporting goods worth $ 64,000 outside the EU. Zloty. In this way – according to the findings of investigators – Paweł W. was to extort money from almost 12 thousand people. PLN for unjustified VAT refund Blazerski explained. The information provided by Powell W. as a consultant to top EU organizations shows that he had crossed the border into the Republic of Poland and used the diplomatic passport obtained in connection with the performance of the public action.

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According to the prosecutor’s office, a property guarantee of PLN 10,000 was applied to the former head of the CBA. Zloty. He faces up to 6 months to 8 years in prison.

In an interview with RMF FM reporter Krzysztof Zasada, Paweł Wojtunik said the allegations against him were untrue and not supported by evidence.

MyI have never cheated on any tax – especially VAT. I think the allegations brought by the prosecutor’s office are urgent or careless – I want to believe it, not politically motivated – Said the former head of the CBI. He stressed that a detailed explanation has been submitted today. I understood that the lawyer who interrogated me was proactive in prosecuting or implicating me in this case. – He evaluated.

In 2016, I moved permanently outside the EU border – to Moldova, where I won the competition for EU Adviser. – Wojtunik explained in an interview with RMF FM. I did not give up my Polish citizenship. In 2016, I announced at the local commune office that I was leaving Poland, after which I have been living permanently in Moldova. – He insisted. In Moldova, I have cars registered, I have accounts with local banks, I have phones, and I have been given a local PESEL number. – he said.

Vozdunik also cited a statement from the prosecutor’s office that he had used the diplomatic passport he had obtained as head of the CBA.

The government statement regarding the use of the passport issued to me as the head of the CBA is incorrect – I do not mean to be misleading or malicious – I received my diplomatic passport in May 2016 as a consultant to the European Union. I still have this passport today – He promised.

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Paweł Wojtunik was the head of the Federal Anti-Corruption Bureau from 2009-2015.

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