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Alpine skiing.  Marina Cassianica-Daniel will fight for World Cup points

Alpine skiing. Marina Cassianica-Daniel will fight for World Cup points

First, the competition was to be held in Maribor. 58. However, Slata Lisica was relocated to the Gronzka Cora due to the lack of snow. Here they can not complain about the lack of white powder. He is high.

The caterpillar-Daniel, the world’s leading alpine bird, rode in ninth place. In the beginning, these players, including the great American player Michael Schifrin and Slovak Petra Vlova, faced some difficulties along the way. As Gąsienica-Daniel’s coach Marcin Orłowski explained to us, there were icebergs that beat more players. So, then many good trips.

Jakobianka moved strongly. He had excellent results in the first field. Later, however, he lost a little to his rivals, but the first run ended in 17th place. Ex aequo with Swiss Laura Good-Behrami.

Kessianica-Daniel lost to Swedish leader Sarah Hector by 1.53 seconds. The Polish woman has the opportunity to improve her best record in the Kronzka Kora. A year ago, she was on Route 10.

Unfortunately, in the second run, we will not be able to see Magdalena Lusak, the second polar player to win World Cup points already this season. According to her, this is an introduction to the tour in the Kronzka Cora. Finally, Lusak finished 41st with a loss of 3.30 seconds. To the leader.

Kranjska Gory – Tomasz Kalemba, from Onet Sport

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