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amazing! South Atlantic anomaly theory – catastrophic magnetic field fault?

United State. Investigations about the center Earth They are still many, and despite what is known about their formation, a new discovery has been made that amazed the scientific community. It is a crack in magnetic field Our planet that gets bigger every day, is it catastrophic? On Intra News We will tell you about an anomaly theory South Atlantic Ocean.

In this context, it has been determined that this crack is a weakness in the magnetic fieldIt is located in the Atlantic Ocean and does not change the protective layer of solar radiation. But a geomagnetism expert at the Institute for Geophysics in Paris, Julian Abort, revealed that there is a theory that confirms the existence of a planet buried within the Earth’s magnetic field.

Therefore, Abort explained that there are two giant patches of dense rocks buried in the center of the Earth, about 1,800 miles from the planet’s interior, and this will be the main cause of the anomaly or crack in the geomagnetic shield. But how does the South Atlantic anomaly affect? In the first place, it has been emphasized that this vulnerability does indeed have changes in the outer aspects of the planet.

Source: Pixabay.

Effects on satellites and spacecraft passing through South America and South Africa, such that communications could be affected, in some way. Hence, based on very high solar particle filtration, the impacts are on ships and satellite computers due to the intense radiation they have.

On the other hand, a researcher in geodynamics in Dr. Arizona State University, Qian Yuan, that rock debris in the Earth’s magnetic center has a dimension millions of times greater than Mount Everest. He added that the debris could be the size of Mars and could be the ancient planet called Theia that struck Earth more than 4.5 billion years ago.

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