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Amazon – Clothing giants linked to rainforest destruction

According to the study, more than 50 chains and brands, such as H&M, Zara, Adidas, Nike and New Balance, have links to activities that contribute to deforestation in the Amazon.

These are leather goods, such as bags, wallets and shoes, imported from Brazil’s largest leather exporter JBS.

According to the study, JBS is notorious for its involvement in the destruction of the Amazon region. JBS has set a goal of not contributing to deforestation at all by 2035, but environmental groups believe that commitment is insufficient, The Guardian writes.

Many of the companies identified in the study have adopted policies that do not contribute to deforestation.

“Given that a third of companies have some form of policy in place, it would have been expected to have an impact on deforestation,” Greg Higgs of, which is behind the study, told The Guardian.

Livestock farming is linked to destruction

The analysis doesn’t prove a direct link between each clothing brand and deforestation, but researchers have examined links that increase the likelihood that the goods originated from cattle farms in the Amazon.

Livestock farming has been cited as the single most important factor behind deforestation in the area.

Massive wildfires have decimated the Amazon in recent years, and the country’s government has come under harsh international criticism for not doing more to stop them. The fires had severe impacts on both plant and animal life and on the indigenous people living in the area.

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