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An astronaut shows the International Space Station in 4K

French astronaut Thomas Bisket Toured the station international space 4K resolution, with stunning visuals never seen before.

The International Space Station It is considered one of the most important engineering feats in human history, serving as a laboratory in space for dozens of astronauts who have visited it since 1998.

biscuits Famous for being a frequent vlogger from space, he accompanies us on the tour explaining every corner of the ship. Fortunately, we have the translations to know what it tells us.

Lab in orbit

The space station measures 109 meters from start to finish and has been the home of continuous research for more than 20 years.

The spacecraft includes several bedrooms, several bathrooms, a gym, and a 360-degree panoramic window called the dome through which astronauts can observe the outside and the Earth.

In early April, the flight manager of the Russian part of International Space Station, Vladimir Soloviev had estimated that the useful life of the orbital laboratory could be extended to 2030, but predicted a “avalanche of failures” from 2025.

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