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An incorrect weather forecast caused the hotel to unnecessarily lose 50 guests

Updated 11.47 | Published on 11.05

Serdal Hoefgelshotel on Instagram.

Högfjäll hotel manager Simen Berg says the Norwegian Meteorological Agency cost him 50 guests.

Meteorologists warned of bad weather, but instead it turned out to be sun and blue skies.

– It's sad to be wrong, says meteorologist Per Egil Haga.

An incorrect weather forecast on Friday prompted reactions from visitors and tourism operators in Sørdalen, southern Norway Stavanger Aftenblad And Letters of News.

Simen Berg, hotel manager at Sirdal Høyfjellshotell, says the hotel had lost 50 of its 150 guests before Saturday.

– I fully realize that it is difficult to report on the weather, and that it is a matter of forecasting. But I think it's strange — and a little frustrating — that you could be so wrong, Berg says.

“Not quite sure”

On-call meteorologist Per Egil Haga at the Meteorological Institute apologizes for the unfortunate weather incident that occurred over the weekend.

– It's sad to be wrong, but unfortunately the weather happens to be different from what we expected. So, we usually try to express a certain amount of uncertainty, because weather forecasts are never completely certain, he says.

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