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An uncertain vote is expected on the government’s budget

An uncertain vote is expected on the government’s budget

Before the vote, moderates demanded a ban on clearing. In principle, this means that all members must be present. In normal cases, the parties ensure that in the event that a member is absent due to illness, official duties or funeral, the other party on the other side ensures that one of its members is also absent. This is done in order to maintain a balance of power between the parties based on the election results and the distribution of seats.

received an exception

But before particularly important votes, any party can request a clearing ban. Then no conventions apply and there is no valid absence.

This means that members cannot be set off against each other. It so happened that seriously ill members were taken to a wheelchair to join. However, Green Party member Maria Jardfjell was granted an exemption from Wednesday’s vote because she had contracted COVID-19. The balance is maintained by a non-participating KD member as well.

I do not want to say

In order for the government to pass the new budget proposal with the pension agreement, which is also backed by the Green Party, the Left Party and the Center Party, all 173 of its members must vote for it, and the former Left Party. Member Amina Kakapavi does just that.

The Moderates, Christian Democrats, Liberals and Sweden Democrats have 173 votes for their counterproposal and their pension proposal. The last time they were also supported by the former Swedish Democrat, now out of the party, Roger Richthof.

Amina Kabbawa did not want to say how she would vote or abstain from voting. If there is a tie, the matter will be referred back to the Finance Committee and then taken up again for a vote.