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An unexpected pole position.  "It's nothing special."

An unexpected pole position. “It’s nothing special.”

Carlos Sainz won F1 qualifying for the UK GP, although he described his lap as “nothing special”. The Ferrari driver was clearly surprised when he found out he had taken his first career pole position.

Katarzyna Łapczyńska

Carlos Sainz

Press materials / Ferrari / Photo: Carlos Sainz

Formula 1 qualifying for the British GP was played in the rainy season. However, in the Q3 phase, the track began to dry up, with each successive lap better than the previous one. In this scenario, the key to success is to start as late as possible and avoid making mistakes on the final lap.

In the end, Carlos Sainz took pole position. For a Ferrari driver, this was the first time in his career to qualify, something that touched the 27-year-old from Madrid. While in the car, while talking to the engineers, he started crying with joy.

Later, in an interview with Sky Sports, the Maranello-based team driver explained that he had little expectation of pole position as his lap was “nothing special”. – It was a good lap, but I still had problems with standing water on the track. It’s even shown on the racing line, so it’s easy to make a mistake, Sines said.

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– It was very difficult to heat intermediate tires in such conditions. I did one lap and it was nothing special in my opinion. It was nothing special, so it was unexpected for me that I took the pole position – said the Spaniard.

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Now Sainz’s dream is to win his first F1 victory. – I think I have a chance. We kept the pace going all weekend except we had some issues in the third practice. So, we are well positioned to retain this first position. But Verstappen and Leclerc behind me will certainly push,” Sainz concluded.

Charles Leclerc looks a little different to the British GP. The Ferrari driver has already released a statement in which he indicated he is quietly optimistic Group orders placed by your team. Monaco, who have the best chance of winning the championship, hope to switch positions with Sainz due to the team’s strategy.

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