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Android: Google Play will let you know if your phone is compatible with an app | sports game

mobile shop Android It has an extensive list of other apps and services like movies, books, audiobooks, etc. The biggest problem with the operating system The Google is that mobile phones have different versions of Android depending on their hardware.

For this reason, Google Play must rate your mobile phone and tell you whether it is compatible with your device or not. So far, the company has only disabled the download or buy button when the device was incompatible; However, they are now adding more information.

When you enter Active Device Compatibility information for a game or app, you will find the following warning: It will tell you if your device is compatible, what version of the app to download, the size of the app and the required operating system.

If the following message “Works on your device” appears, you can proceed with the download. If this section does not appear, you must update Google Play to version 30.6.16-21 or higher.

There is some overlap with the app’s information, but this section is clearly more general, and the new addition is intended to be simpler and easier to use (eg “runs on your device”). Reflecting how Google Play is now a store for more than just phones and tablets‘, explains the mediator .

Google Play will let you know if your Android phone is compatible with an app. (Photo: 9to5Google)

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