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Angela Merkel donates her clothes to the clothing collection

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will leave office soon.

Hence, she also doesn’t use her closet full of her patented suit.

– They go to the clothing set, she says in a new interview.

Angela Merkel wearing one of her jackets.
Angela Merkel wearing one of her jackets.

hot Angela Merkel Something has become known in his 16 years as a consultant, you have to be pragmatic and pragmatic. Before she took office as chancellor in November 2005, her lack of style and flair was talked about in Germany. She has often been ridiculed for her apparent lack of interest in her appearance.

Then Angela Merkel acquired a fashion designer, Bettina Schoenbach, who found Merkel’s style: the costume suit. Since then, jackets and trousers have become her hallmark, and Merkel has cut hundreds of similar suits in all shades of the color scheme.

When it came time to leave the higher political scene, she turned out to be as practical and unemotional as ever.

– I don’t give clothes to museums. They go to the clothing collection regularly, as Angela Merkel says about the fate that awaits her wardrobe in her office.

As for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, however, she admits that she has chosen from time to time to send a political message regarding the choice of suit color.

– Sometimes, Angela Merkel says without revealing – as usual – much.

Merkel has had hundreds of different jackets and chooses the color according to the occasion.