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Apex Legends continues to grow and already has over 100 million players

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undeniable , Apex Legends It is one of the most popular Battle Royale on the market today. In case there is any doubt about the above, Respawn Entertainment recently revealed that the multiplayer title has already surpassed a new record for a player.

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Through a video posted on the official Twitter site of Apex Legends, Its managers boasted that the famous Battle Royale had reached the impressive number of 100 million players worldwide.

APEX LEGENDS continues to grow in success after two years

Although the record of 100 million players was impressive, it was something many expected. We say the above because Apex Legends It reached 2.5 million users in just 24 hours after debuting in February 2019.

In March of the same year, Battle Royale added 50 million players, although its popularity slipped a month later compared to similar shows, such as It is an electronic game.

However, thanks to constant updates to the title that added new maps, legends, weapons and cosmetic items, Apex Legends It reached its stability period and in October 2019 it already had 70 million users.

Now, Respawn Entertainment is working on the new additions that will arrive in Season 9 of Apex Legends, Which will include a lot of The Fall of TitanThe study explained.

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But tell us, are you still playing Apex Legends? Let us read for you in the comments.

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