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Ariana Grande Congratulates Vicky Gabor?! “I’m Dead”

Author: A.K.P.A

Vicky Kapoor is 15 years old. The singer, who took the charts by storm, thanked fans for the wishes sent to him that day, willingly sharing their stories in the story. One of the fan-made surprises surprised her especially strongly. Did the artist get a birthday wish from her idol Ariana Grande?

Vicky Gabor Certainly one of the biggest stars of the Polish music scene today. It’s hard to believe that the artist is only 15 years old as he prepares to release his second album. The singer was born on July 10, 2007, and 12 years later she won the hearts of listeners in the country and beyond, winning the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Clive. On her 15th birthday, Vicky Gabor can certainly count on the best wishes from her loyal fans. Since morning, the star’s fans have flooded his inbox on Instagram, congratulating him. The artist’s official fan club produced a special video featuring his biggest fans. As you know, the icing on the cake is the vocals of Ariana Grande, the idol of the young star. Vicki’s reaction was immediate!

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Vicky Gabor compared to Ariana Grande. Strong words!

Did Ariana Grande do Vicky Kapoor’s favor?

Vicky Gabor did not expect this! At the end of the movie fans prepared for her, Ariana Grande’s voiceover appeared. You can hear the world famous star wishing you a happy birthday. Vicky Gabor shared a video clip of the story with a short explanation.

i love you I am dead, she wrote.

I have to admit that this is a nice gesture from the singer’s fans. Watch the full video. It’s hard to stay still!

In the end

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