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Asmongold says Handy Warcraft will be more successful than WoW

Asmongold says Handy Warcraft will be more successful than WoW

Yesterday was May 4th, so it was not only a celebration for Star Wars fans, but also a surprise for Warcraft fans. Developer studio Blizzard Unexpectedly revealed a Warcraft mobile title that appears to be behind a tower attack game called Warcraft Arclight Rumble – click here for our preview!

While it’s not as serious as it was when Diablo Immortal was announced in 2018, feedback from players was still somewhat constrained – no surprise given the mobile moniker. After all, many mobile games still have a reputation for being little more than time-wasting cash grabs.

Asmongold believes that the success of the mobile game Warcraft is inevitable

Twitch streamer And a self-recognized World of Warcraft fan Asmongold It did not take long to unveil it. Although he can certainly understand and share the negative attitude of his viewers towards mobile games, he is confident in the success of Warcraft Arclight Rumble:

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“I actually think it could be a very successful and a great game. The funny thing is that the game can make more money than World of Warcraft. I’m sure it will make more money than Diablo 3.”

“That’s because mobile games are money making machines. For every one of your comments like, this is so stupid, I hate it, there are going to be some other people who spend about $150 on them in the first week of playing.”