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At least 15 dead in Kentucky floods

– It will include some children, Bashir says.

Floods have wiped out entire communities in some of the poorest areas of the United States, and research efforts are still ongoing.

There are still people missing, says Jerry Stacy, emergency director for hard-hit Berry County.

It is difficult to determine how many are missing, as mobile phone coverage and electricity have ceased to function in the disaster area. The governor deployed National Guard soldiers to the worst-affected areas.

“I think this is going to be one of the worst and most dangerous floods in Kentucky in a very long time,” says Andy Basher.

The Krystal Holbrook family scrambled through the night to move cars and RVs as rapidly rising waters threatened her hometown of Jackson in southeastern Kentucky.

Dry land is getting harder to find, she tells The Associated Press.

More rain and possible flooding is expected Friday night in parts of Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia, which have already been hit hard by thunderstorms and torrential rain. And 33,000 homes were without electricity on Friday in the three states.

Hundreds of families lost everything, and didn’t have much to begin with, says Andy Basher.

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