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At least four were killed in an attack on Lviv

At least four were killed in an attack on Lviv

Ukraine’s Interior Minister Igor Klimenko said on Telegram that an apartment building was damaged after the Russian attack.

“The third and fourth floors of two sections of the house were destroyed. By 07:00 four people had been killed and nine wounded,” he wrote in the Telegram correspondent service.

Destroying 50 homes

Work continues to save more people from the ethnic masses Thursday morning. According to Mayor Andrej Sadovy, more than 50 homes were destroyed.

“Windows are shattered, several cars damaged, about 50 cars… There may be more people under the rubble,” he wrote on Telegram.

It is not known how many bots were launched.

The governor of the Lviv region, Maxim Kozitsky, wrote on the Telegram messaging service that the bot hit the apartment building and also caused a fire, which, however, was quickly extinguished.

“Firefighters, medical personnel and specialists from the rescue service are working at the scene. People are getting the help they need. Rescue workers are searching through the rubble.”

“strong response”

In a video also released by the governor, a house of several floors can be seen with parts of the upper floors destroyed.

Kosicetsky writes: “Now the ethnic masses are being stirred up. There will, of course, be wounded and dead.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote early Thursday morning in a message on Twitter that the attack unfortunately claimed human lives and that there would be a “strong response to the enemy”.

The Lviv region lies dozens of miles from the front in Ukraine and has so far been relatively quiet.